What Is Marketing Automation?

what is marketing automation

Marketing automation is a type of technology that enables businesses to automate and measure tasks that used to be performed manually a few years ago. This automation enables businesses to achieve a level of marketing efficiency that wasn’t possible previously.

Marketing automation simplifies lead generation for marketers. It enables a marketer to streamline the segmentation of lists, lead scoring, customer lifecycle marketing and more.

Some of these things are doable without marketing automation software but they can end up taking a significant amount of your labour time and once you start introducing high volume you can forget it.

This technology becomes a requirement when you introduce any level of scale, not to mention the ever increasing number of things marketers are required to manage.

More specifically, these processes require:

A CMD (Central Marketing Database) – A place to store all your marketing information. This includes data such as prospect interactions on your website. Collecting this information allows you to segment your prospects and deliver the right sort of message to them at the right time.

Engage Marketing Engine – This is the place where you can create and manage all your marketing automations. The thing that orchestrates the interactions with your customers.

Analytics Engine – This is a way for you to collect data by measuring customer behaviour on your site. It enables you to optimise your marketing understanding the behaviours of your visitors and customers so you can mould your services around their wants, needs and desires.

If you’re running a business that has any sort of online presence, marketing automation is an absolute must for you.

Who uses marketing automation?

It may come as a surprise to you but it isn’t just big companies that are using marketing automation. This technology has accelerated leaps and bounds in a few short years and it now super affordable for even the most frugal entrepreneur.

That said, Small to medium-sized businesses make up the largest growing segment in the marketing automation space right now. Thousands of small businesses use marketing automation to help them maximise their small monthly marketing budgets.

Companies across all industries use marketing automation. From financial services to healthcare, media, construction and even retail businesses. Everyone’s adopting marketing automation to capitalise on the highly effective engagement oriented approach to building and nurturing customer relationships.

Common functions of marketing automation

Some of the most common functions of marketing automation include things like:

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Customer relationship management
  • Engagement marketing
  • Analytics marketing

How valuable is marketing automation?

You can expect two main big benefits from implementing a marketing automation strategy in your business.

The first one is more pipeline. Marketing automation enables you to drive more leads into the system so you can more prospects in the pipeline that could turn into customers at any time.

The second one is higher revenue. As a direct result of increasing the amount of leads you generate, you’ll be making more sales in your business.

A study completed by eMarketer found that B2C marketers that leverage the power of marketing automation have experienced conversion rates that are as high as 50%.

In addition to this, according to a company called Nuclear Research, 95% of companies said that they had benefited from marketing automation in some shape or form.

Marketing automation provides data and ROI for all the time you spend carefully crafting your marketing campaigns. It allows you to effectively track and connect the dots between seemingly unrelated marketing promotions. This type of information in invaluable to any digital marketer and business in general.