Mistakes You Should Avoid With Marketing Automation

mistakes you should avoid with marketing automation

Marketing automation is super powerful technology. It’s fair to say that it has definitely transformed the business landscape and enabled businesses to operate an approach that has never been so hands-off.

Bloggers, entrepreneurs, SMB’s and large enterprises can all take advantage of the fantastic marketing automation tools out there. It’s a way you can super-charge your lead generation and really start cranking up those daily lead numbers.

Over 50% of companies are already leveraging the power of marketing automation. In addition to that, almost 70% of the remaining companies are planning to start using it over the next few months.

While plenty of businesses are starting to use marketing automation, the number of organisations that have utilised it effectively is a much lower number.

If you plan on implementing any sort of marketing automation in the near future, here are some common mistakes you want to avoid:

Buying The Wrong Thing

The worst start you can have is to invest in the wrong marketing automation platform. Marketing automation needs to be closely integrated with social media accounts and CRM’s in order to provide all the features and benefits it has to offer.

Not all marketing automation tools offer the same level of features and compatibility.

Compatibility is something that needs to be taken into account as you can have a fantastic marketing automation system that has all the bells and whistles, but if it isn’t compatible with your systems then it’s not much more than a paperweight.

Quality Of Information

The data from your marketing automation is the most important part of the whole solution. If you have bad data you’re going to produce bad results.

It’s best practice for you to put systems in place that clean up your email database from time to time. You don’t want to have half your subscribers emails bouncing when you send them something.

Bad Quality Content

Marketing automation doesn’t just work on it’s own. It needs to be combined with a number of things to be effective, like awesome content. If you want your automation campaigns to exceed, you need to engage your customers. To engage your customers you need to provide high-value content for them.

Amazing content is the cornerstone of pretty much every successful business. Content marketing is an ever-green way for you to grow your business. Amazing content never gets old and will pay your company back in dividends over time.

Not Using The Features

Only 10% of companies that use marketing automation actually utilise all the features it has to offer. The overall objective for using it in the first place is to cut down on the amount of human intervention required. If you’re only using 10% of the product features, you’re not reducing the manual labour anywhere near as much as you can.

When you decide to implement a marketing automation solution, make sure the people who are going to be using the system are fully trained on the software. This way you’ll make the most of your investment and free up time for you and your employees to focus on other productive tasks in your business.


Marketing automation is a cheap way to automate a significant amount of marketing in your business. It’s definitely not a five minute fix-all solution but done properly, it can significantly reduce the time you spend on marketing analysis and lead nurturing. At the end of the process you want to have a buying cycle that doesn’t require any human intervention what so ever. Auto-pilot is the name of the game!